Petra aerospace is a leader in the supply of aftermarket aircraft, engines, and assets management services.

Our main objectives are in the sale and lease of mid-life commercial aircrafts while also offering asset management services and aircraft spare parts trading. Our customers include commercial airlines, government entities, leasing companies, and independent MROs.
We operate sales offices and provide a highly responsive support network with asset availability & consignments, which allows us to save time and offer competitive prices.

Petra aerospace was found to be a leading supplier of aftermarket aircraft, engines, and components.

Petra Aerospace future aspirations

We are ongoing with the expansion of both our products and services worldwide. This ongoing expansion is allowing us to be accessible to all of our customer’s needs. We aspire to meet customer needs within a perfectly time manner and also provide assets management.

Our Customers

Today, Petra Aerospace are equipped to provide aircraft, engine and inventory support to most of the world’s airlines, leasing companies and government entities. All our services are within reach for all of our customers.

Engine sales and leasing

By providing a full list of options for spare engine parts including aircraft engines for sale, lease, and exchange we are able to cover anything from an unexpected AOG to a medium or long-term engine leasing. Petra Aerospace is able to provide flexible solutions no matter what your need.

Engine Sales

We maintain a substantial inventory of airplane engines for sale to support your operating fleet and engine spares pool.

Engine Exchange

Instead of waiting for your engine to be repaired, Engine exchange keeps you away from a shop visit, while also reducing expenses.
Petra Aerospace’s experienced team works with today’s most in-demand engine lines including:
CFM56 Family, CF6 Family and PW Engines.

Engine Leasing

For those customers who prefer not to tie up capital in engine ownership we formulate short, medium, or long-term lease agreements to suit your needs. We also structure purchase leaseback programs to take engines off your books, while offering immediate cash infusion.

Airframe Material Sales

Petra Aerospace is a reliable source of competitively priced and fully documented aircraft components for major airlines and MROs worldwide.
We are ready to support all of your airframe requests need, including Airbus, Boeing aircraft.

Aircraft Parts Sales

Our dedicated team of highly skilled, product-line specific sales professionals spans all major component groups and provides Petra Aerospace customers with unprecedented sales service, including post-sale and AOG support. Backed by a talented team of in-house technical and records specialists, we ensure that your organization gets the correct part that it’s properly documented, and then have it delivered on time at a competitive price.

Petra Aerospace also offers a complement of air frame support options specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your airline or MRO:

  • Part exchange and loaning.
  • Inventory purchase and lease-back.
  • On-site inventory spares support programs.
  • Inventory management and logistics.

Aircraft disassembly, repair, and storage management

Jet Engine Parts for Sale

We specialize in providing large-scale material consumers, a consistent source of fully traceable high-demand engine parts.

Carrying a lot of engine part numbers, our inventory of jet engine parts for sale includes:

·         CFM56 Family ·         CF6 Family

As We also offers a complement of engine support options:

  • Parts exchange and loaning
  • Inventory purchase and lease-back
  • On-site inventory spares support programs
  • Inventory management and logistics
  • Aircraft disassembly, repair, and storage management
  • Surplus inventory acquisition and consignment

We are seeking to expand our aircraft and engine portfolios through fleet and spare inventory acquisitions, and have the experience to help your company efficiently monetize its assets in today’s aviation aftermarket or aerospace aftermarket. Our integrated value extraction capabilities ensure the best price for your surplus aviation assets.


Petra Aerospace provides you a competitive purchase offers that are based on real-time transactional experience. The advantages of working with us include:

  • Fair cash purchase offers for engines, inventory and parts.
  • A strong and experienced team that will manage daily basis in a professional way.
  • Experienced purchasing staff that excels transactions as soon as they’re done.
Engine sales and leasing

Petra aerospace is your solution for getting the best value possible for used flight equipment requires and the best aftermarket competitive prices for your requests.





Our Assets Management Capabilities

  • Aircraft, engine, and inventory trading expertise to facilitate asset monetization
  • Aircraft, engine, and spares inventory consignments
  • On-site warehouse and supply chain management programs
  • In-depth aftermarket asset valuations and associated records management services
  • In-house aircraft and engine disassembly, storage, and disposition services

If your organization is looking for the highest value from its older fleet exit, you can look to us for powerful financial leverage, comprehensive product and market expertise, and the appropriate experience you are looking for

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